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Oct. 18, 2023 — Nicolas is now a Doctor!

Updated: Mar 9

He did it!

After a fantastic presentation, and a THOROUGH grilling session afterwards (courtesy of Profs. Stephanie Weber [McGill University], Sven van Teeffelen [Université de Montréal], Charles Dozois (INRS—Centre AFSB), and Salim Timo Islam (INRS—Centre AFSB), Nicolas emerged victorious! Congratulations to Dr. Nicolas Jolivet! VERY well deserved! 'Twas great that Nico's father had also flown in from France to attend this momentous occasion.

Nico is now the 2nd recipient of an IslaMyxoLab AXE for all of his hard work and dedication throughout his time in the lab. The "100 KPH" refers to an epic saga told to us by Nico of the time he drove himself and his girlfriend from Niagara Falls (in Ontario) all the way back to Laval (in Quebec) in a rental car, an almost 700-km 7-hour journey, driving at 100 km/h on the highway (where the unofficial speed limit is 125 km/h), being passed by SMART cars... Sometimes in life, some rules are meant to be bent a little, and sometimes in life you just need to put your foot down on the accelerator and GO... ;)

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